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Jason Scott Thorpe

Jason Thorpe fuses together his love for the past and experience of today to create colorful, quirky, and captivating portraits of characters his audience can easily fall in love with. Influenced by both old and new, the original and the remake, Jason’s art has settled into a place of its own. With every carefully laid brushstroke he creates a mood and an atmosphere – one where you’ve been, or one where you long to go. A memory of last Friday night at the bar, or a moment all alone doing what your heart longs for. His art is life – our lives – on canvas. A place where we can all have one hell of a time. Whether you are rich or poor, famous or not-so-much, you will find your place in Jason’s world.


Jason threw himself into painting in 2006 with little direction and next to no experience. His journey began humbly, with a box of donated paints and brushes, a few canvas boards, as well as some much-needed guidance and encouragement from Sacramento artist, David Garibaldi. Jason’s early paintings were rough, to say the least, but each one became a stepping stone to the next, slightly better painting. After nearly two years dabbling in countless artistic styles, Jason was captivated by the figurative works of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Amedeo Modigliani and others. He began experimenting with his own characters and began to see the activities of the world around him as cropped scenes just waiting to be painted. Any scene, any scenario became inspiration. A few short months later his unique and playful style came to life.  


His night-life and sports scenes, along with portraits of timeless icons appeal to the heart of not only his, but any generation, attracting mass audiences and evoking a playful reaction from all viewers.  He has created a world one can easily step into and find a home. And although he still considers most of his paintings to be experiments, he continues to grow in his process, his technique and his style.

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